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[Reposted] Stewart Murray, Barnet Head of Planning [2015: now at GLA]: Memo after Day One of Planning Committee, November 2009

Key points I picked up, briefly:
  • Useability/purpose of Brent Linear Park
  • Impact on neighbouring town centres
  • Nature conservation (during and after construction)
  • STG traffic evidence at UDP inquiry?
  • A5 traffic impact and key junctions/neighbouring roads
  • UDP inspector’s comments about railway link
  • Alternative site selection for waste handling facility
  • Alternative site selection for rail freight facility and need, given Wembley facility
  • Policy flaws in waste handling facility designation
  • Consultation process pre-application
  • Displacement of local business and relocation difficulties
  • Code for Sustainability not set high enough
  • High blocks/density
  • Combined heat and power pollution and 140m stack. How tried and tested is gasification?
  • Modal shift targets – are they realistic?
  • Affordable housing – not sufficient and too many flats
  • Demand for family accommodation.

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