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[Reposted from Sep 2011] Hammerson's Robin Dobson [plus Sheila King]: "It's ACTIVISTS! It's WEAK COUNCILS! It's NEVER OUR FAULT!" (Rather like the bankers, then)


1 (of 3): Head of Retail
"THE Government’s Localism Bill is in danger of creating a two-tier planning system, with strong leadership in some towns and cities, and activist groups threatening to derail every development in others, according to developer Hammerson.

"Robin Dobson, head of retail, warned the bill could make it easier for groups in some parts of the UK to block developments, rather than make it easier for projects to go ahead.

"Speaking at a panel debate, Planning for Localism, at Leeds Metropolitan University, Mr Dobson said: 'The ability to formerly [formally?] consult with the electorate on a project early on in the process, before going to planning, has to be a good thing.'

2: Activist
“ 'The negative side is that it will almost create a two-tier system – strong towns and cities but potentially because certain groups have greater power they have the opportunity to derail good developments in places where the leadership isn’t as good'.”  [This sentence: sic. Does Dobbo talk gibberish, or is it an editing error?]

3: 'Where the leadership isn’t as good'


Link to Independent on Sunday
Independent on Sunday:
"Westfield's latest mall has 300 shops – but will its shiny new tills ring?"

"This week is the annual knees-up for all the people behind shopping centres and high streets up and down the country: the BCSC Conference & Exhibition. More than 2,500 people are due to turn up in Manchester tomorrow and – for two and half days – sign leases to open shops, negotiate deals to fund the development of retail schemes, or network and weigh up the state of their industry, in the face of a very difficult downturn. 

"Sheila King, the director of group retail leasing at Hammerson, which owns regional centres across the UK, including Brent Cross in London, says:
"Despite the challenging conditions, we have still seen strong demand from retailers for space in prime shopping centres."

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