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[Reposted] Wood Green: Lessons for the public to distrust Hammerson over Brent Cross (allegedly)

Link to British Pathe video, from 1970s

Link to 'Bowes & Bounds Connected'

"The design of the Wood Green project included the local authority working in partnership with commercial developers, to ensure profits from the project were made available to benefit the whole community. However, the ambitious plans to completely redevelop the town centre were not without difficulty, as the British Pathe archive newsreel shows.

"The complex financial arrangements between large, profit-driven corporate investors, and a local authority keen to maximise local advantage, were fraught. The end result was that Haringey Council had to pick up the bill for much of the development. (How things have changed... who could now possibly imagine financial institutions causing a crisis which resulted in local authorities having to cut public expenditure!)"

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