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SHOPPING CENTRE WARS: Hammerson Tweedle-dee and Westfield Tweedle-dum

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"Retail giants [what, us?] share
their visions for Croydon"
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The two companies, who are both vying to take over the Whitgift Centre, were guests at the 'Develop Croydon Conference' 2012. 

John Burton, Director of Development at Westfield [the little head above] and Robin Dobson, Director of Retail Development at Hammerson [the big head, he, he] were on a panel of guests, speaking about the importance of retail. 

"... Mr Dobson, of Hammerson, began by talking about why Croydon is such an attractive proposition:
"“There is a fantastic infrastructure here. There is excellent transport links, excellent consumer demand and a very much well led council." [sic]
"Mr Dobson also cited their retail outlets in Birmingham and Aberdeen as examples of how they tailor their projects to the town’s needs." [unlike at Brent Cross!]

[Westfield said something similar.]

Hammerson's Croydon vision 
- v -
Westfield's Croydon vision

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