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Management Consultancies Association (MCA) urges government to up its game on infrastructure. (Well, it would, wouldn't it?)

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"A new MCA think tank report welcomes the government’s current focus on infrastructure, but urges it to do more to close the UK’s infrastructure gap. It calls for clear thinking about what infrastructure is for and better use of the UK’s world-class infrastructure expertise. It also argues that a powerful independent 'Office for Infrastructure' to advise and guide government on infrastructure policy and priorities is an idea whose time has come.

"The think tank gathered the views and insights of many of the UK’s leading infrastructure experts and firms. It hosted an expert roundtable, attended by Paul Skinner, Chairman of Infrastructure UK, the Treasury body in charge of UK infrastructure.

"... Alan Leaman, Chief Executive of the MCA, said:
“Many of our members were central to the success of the Olympic infrastructure. They are at the heart of big projects like Crossrail. Our report highlights many other projects where they added value. Using our experts early to plan projects, rather than late to rescue them, is the best – and cheapest – way to employ them.

Government should recognise the value infrastructure consultants bring. They are often the glue that holds complex projects together.” 

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