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Joseph Rowntree Foundation: "Segregated neighbourhoods and mixed communities: A critical analysis"

Link to web site (image is from 'Frost Report', 1966)

"This 2007 report examines why residential segregation arises, and how it relates to the distribution of incomes.

"It also challenges the belief that mixed communities are an effective way to reduce deprivation and social exclusion.

"The report looks at:
  • the origins of the idea that mixed communities increase social welfare and help to address deprivation
  • whether living in a deprived neighbourhood damages a person’s chances in life – known as the 'neighbourhood effect'
  • why neighbourhoods segregated by income persist.

"The author concludes that mixed neighbourhoods treat a symptom of inequality, not its cause, and the problem is poverty and not where people live. He argues that there is evidence that living with similar people – for both rich and poor – can generate some advantages."

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