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Evening Standard: "Argent's David Partridge - it’s all change at Brent Cross with a greener, cleaner regeneration" (OK, King's Cross. It's still a Cross though.)

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"Short, greying and intense, the managing partner of Argent, the King’s Cross property developer, has been planning for and managing the transformation since 2000, even though the now-defunct British Railways Board first chose four developers to prepare plans way back in 1987. He said:
“No one could have stood here 14 years ago and predicted what it would look like. But we really felt the excitement. The chance to seize a piece of the city like this was once-in-a-lifetime.”
"After a shaky start thanks to the recession, the building project —– co-owned by Argent, the BT Pension Scheme, state-owned property group London Continental Railways and logistics firm DHL — is halfway through.

"... Argent is already considering what comes next. It is one of three bidders to develop the last chunk of the Olympic Park at Stratford and is also keen on an opportunity that is opening up in Cricklewood. [What? Using the corrupt Brent Cross planning application?] Partridge is thinking of King’s Cross-type developments, only smaller. Mixed use, regeneration, retail; something that adds to the public realm." [Crikey.]

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