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The Guardian: "London’s architecture lacks Berlin’s sense of culture, says Chipperfield"

"Leading British architect, who works in both cities, bemoans lack of public realm and discussion of buildings’ meaning in Britain"

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"The leading British architect Sir David Chipperfield has said that he regards private investment’s hold over new architecture in London as an 'absolutely terrible' means of building a city.

"In Berlin, where he employs an office of 90, 'there is still an idea of the public realm. We have given that up in London. We have declared the public realm dead; the question is how to get stuff out of the private sector. We are unbelievably sophisticated at that.'

"His most celebrated work, the remaking of Berlin’s bombed-out Neues Museum, which opened in 2009 after a decade of work he called 'an unbelievably positive experience', was based on a serious debate about meaning that he finds lacking in Britain."

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