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[Reposted from Mar 2015] Barnet Eye: "New Brent Cross Station - nailing the lie"

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"... Sadly, there is plenty that this Barnet press release doesn't clarify. In fact it raises more questions than it answers.

"Firstly, the station is not in Brent Cross shopping centre. It is over 1/4 of a mile from it (as the crow flies). What provision will there be for shoppers to traverse the A406 and M1 entrance to get from the shops to the station?

"There is also talk that the existing station at Cricklewood may have to shut as part of the scheme. This would be a major blow to the existing shops and High Street businesses."

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  1. I can confirm the current Cricklewood station will not close. The distance between the current and new station is too far to influence the dense population around Cricklewood station. The new station is actually a little closer to Hendon station. The volume of customers to Cricklewood station is more than adequate and this is not expected to change as there is no benefit to travel further to the newer station.