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LeighDay: "Cressingham Gardens’ tenant wins High Court legal battle against Lambeth Council"

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"The High Court has found Lambeth Council acted unlawfully when it removed options from a public consultation over plans to redevelop the Cressingham Gardens estate in Lambeth, South London.

"Lambeth Council began a consultation process with tenants of the Estate in November 2014, by setting up sub-groups to consider resident management options; wellbeing; green retrofitting; financial modelling; and test of opinion and a series of workshops to obtain the residents’ views on the future of the estate.

It proposed five options to be consulted on: Options 1 to 3 concerned refurbishment and options 4 and 5 were part and full demolition.

However, in March 2015, before the sub-group's reports had been fed back to the Council, options 1 to 3, the refurbishment options, had been removed by the Council."

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