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The Great Corrupt-Brent-Cross-Planning-Consent Caper Continues: Barnet Press: "Concerns over public consultation on £4 billion Brent Cross plans"

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"The London Assembly should hold 'a proper review' into the £4 billion Brent Cross and Cricklewood development where proper public consultation over the regeneration plans has not taken place.

"That was among claims made at The London Assembly’s Regeneration Committee meeting on Tuesday (March 1), where it was said that the firm carrying out part of the consultation asked 'leading questions' which made most people agree that the regeneration was positive.

"Pat Turnball, Chair of London Tenant's Federation [and representing 'Just Space'], told the meeting that residents on the nearby Whitefield Estate answered questions without even knowing a bridge would come at the cost of demolishing their homes.

"... Cath Shaw, of Barnet Council's Enterprise and Regeneration team, said she would be prepared to follow up specific details about concerns over the consultation." [Yeh, right.]

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