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Inside Croydon: "Westfield and Hammerson: uninformative and unhelpful"

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"CROYDON COMMENTARY: What do you call a public consultation exercise that offers no real, hard information? A Croydon [Hammerson] public consultation exercise.

"ARNO RABINOWITZ went along to the latest box-ticking exercise staged in the town centre by Westfield and Hammerson over the weekend, and found it a complete waste of time.

"... Four years on from when the redevelopment of the Whitgift Centre and Centrale were first suggested, and Westfield and Hammerson are apparently now expressing their keenness to get to work starting in 2017 – the year we were told originally that the whole thing would be completed. Judged on the evidence I saw last weekend, we are really none the wiser of what is about to be imposed upon our town centre.

"Woe is on the way, mark my words."

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