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[Reposted] One possible Hammerson waste incinerator: 'Clean Power Properties Ltd.' - based in a tax-haven! (Barnet has already APPROVED Hammerson's waste incinerator at Brent Cross)

June 2014 update:
The Isle of Man tax-haven company isn't really mentioned now, even though the same web site address is used. In fact "the company" has gone all coy, and isn't really defined at all!

Link to web site

Processes proposed by this company elsewhere:

Site & Project Selection

"RLand Energy is responsible for the sourcing of suitable sites for renewable energy projects. The team has undertaken and continually updates its extensive research to enable accurate site evaluation and viability assessment. Suitable sites are recommended to [tax-haven-based] Clean Power Properties.

"Each site is professionally assessed for energy production potential. The suitability of a site and size of project will be determined by a number of factors including: electrical connectivity, accessibility, environmental factors, feedstock, and suitability of technology. The potential added value to adjoining and adjacent uses can also be assessed at an early stage.

"Each site must meet the following base land and amenity requirements, as required by Clean Power Properties:

Site Criteria
  • Brownfield and underutilised land
  • Standalone sites or part of large estate or mixed use development
  • Site area 4-10 acres
  • Minimum site width 75 metres
  • External 11kV transformer and switchgear on or close to site
  • Local network or National Grid high voltage electrical substation/overhead lines in close proximity to site
  • Good site accessibility
  • Access to good road networks and other communication links.

Clean Power Properties generates real value from underutilised and brownfield land.

Clean Power Properties will partner landowners and developers to obtain planning and optimise development, often taking the financial risk.

Work with a best in class delivery team that has 30 years of planning experience and over 30 renewable energy projects taken from inception through to development and full operation.

Our renewable energy schemes can form an integral part of masterplanned commercial and residential developments.

Development mix and densities can be improved during the planning process by incorporating a Clean Power energy source within a scheme or on adjoining land.

Clean Power renewable energy plants provide green energy (heat and power) to adjoining occupiers, enabling sustainable development that meets government and corporate objectives and responsibilities.

Tenants and residential occupiers can benefit from stable energy costs and, additional value is generated by being within a sustainable working and living environment."

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