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NorthWestTwo Residents Association: "Cricklewood Superhub: How Much Dust?"

Piles of aggregate at the similar Bow Road-rail freight faculty
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"... This stuff will be brought in by rail, stocked in piles, and loaded into HGVs. It’s dusty stuff and a dusty business handling it. So how much dust will there be?

"There will be rain, and mitigation measures: there'll be sprinklers. Wheels will be washed. Drivers will be told to cover their loads. 'It is anticipated the dust impact during the operational phase will be minimised.'

"What does 'minimised' mean? Politicians talk of minimising the tax burden and very occasionally shave a percent or two off – we still pay plenty. It seems we're being told we have to accept 'minimised' dust pollution as part of our regeneration."

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