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[Reposted from Nov 2017] Near the Freight Depot is the Waste Depot... 'Wembley Matters': "Ditch the Dump! Dollis Hill protests at being made a 'rubbish sandwich' by Barnet Council"

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"148 residents [so far] have objected to the locating of a waste transfer facility on the Edgware Road near residential properties and a school [Barnet planning reference 17/6714/EIA]. The 'dump' is just within the Barnet boundary but will affect Brent residents. There are no comments support the proposal on the Barnet Council planning portal. LINK

"Alison Hopkins has submitted the following comment:
"I object in the strongest possible terms to this damaging and wholly unnecessary planning application. This is on the grounds of proximity to housing and schools, vastly increased traffic and congestion, air pollution and noise and environmental damage.

"The dump – and let's not call it a waste transfer facility [WTF], that's camouflage – is not needed. The only reason that the current WTF is being moved from the eastern side of the railway line is so that Barnet and the Brent Cross partners can build expensive housing with a high return to overseas and other investors. The current WTF is in a non-residential area and waste is moved out to landfill by train. Barnet claim that it's not as bad as the original plans, as it's 'smaller'. Well, it's far worse than the current dump, which at least makes some pretence to environmental care by using rail. However, the current dump also emits pollution and is a source of considerable stink to residents."

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