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Barnet Times: "Deselected Joan Scannell hits out at Barnet Tories"

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"A row has broken out in the Barnet Tory party after a Conservative association was accused of anti-Christian, anti-family and misogynistic attitudes by a deselected councillor.

"Speaking at a meeting of the council's General Functions Committee yesterday (March 19), Cllr Joan Scannell said the attitudes were 'rife' at Hendon Conservative Association (HCA), whose chairman, Cllr Dan Thomas, has allegedly been plotting a pro-Brexit power grab.

"Last week, the Conservatives lost overall control of the council following the resignation of Cllr Sury Khatri, who was also deselected by the HCA along with Cllr Scannell and Cllr Maureen Braun at a meeting on Sunday, March 11."

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