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Barnet's Mr Reasonable: "Barnet Internal Audit Report - It just gets worse!"

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"Having ploughed my way through the 268 pages of the Audit Committee papers I have to say that I am utterly shocked by what I have read. On top of what I have already reported on MetPro, the Internal Audit Annual Opinion Report goes much further on the various shortcomings.

"The overall internal audit opinion is only 'limited assurance' - that is, one step above no assurance."

From the report:
  • The Waste Prevention Strategy [below] has been ineffective in delivery of outcomes
  • The Waste Prevention Strategy has not been reviewed since 2005, to ensure that it remains fit for purpose or current
  • There are no governance arrangements in place to scrutinise, oversee and challenge the Waste Prevention Strategy
  • The Waste Project Board does not have a terms of reference, and focuses mainly on project management issues not strategic issues.

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