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PlanningResource: "Brent Cross regeneration director loses post" (he's on his bike to Redbridge)

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"Stewart Murray, former Director for Planning, Housing and Regeneration at the London Borough of Barnet, has left the council, with his post - as well as that of the Director for Environment and Operations - having been deleted.

"Murray told delegates at Regeneration & Renewal’s National Regeneration Summit last month that Barnet council is submitting a bid to the Government to use a funding mechanism known as Tax Increment Financing (TIF), which lets councils borrow money against future business rate income, for the 20-year scheme to regenerate 150ha in Brent Cross and Cricklewood." [Despite the fact Barnet Council has always insisted that the whole scheme, including infrastructure, would be privately financed.]

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"Barnet's 'Director for Planning, Environment and Regeneration'
has had enough!"

[This shows recent advertising for his post, by Barnet - which we are told he applied for - and contradicts the top story, that his post no longer existed.]

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