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Hammerson forced to work with Barnet - the Local Authority from Hell - now in Private Eye's 'Rotten Boroughs'!

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"... it was Barnet's culture of contempt for the democratic process, and any duty to be accountable to its electorate, that drove it to use an illegally operating team of bouncers to keep them out of the debate and under control, their behaviour filmed and documented as if they were criminals, rather than ordinary citizens wanting to watch their elected representatives in action. But this incident was also to prove their own undoing: look what happened next ...

"MetPro was a symptom, not the disease, but what a fitting symbol it presents, citizens, for everything that is rotten in the state of Broken Barnet.

"*Update: talking of something rotten - oh look ... just fancy that: the lead story in the latest Private Eye's 'Rotten Boroughs' section is all about MetPro - headed 'Black Shirts in Barnet' ..."

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