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Mrs Angry now national media figure (alongside Rupert Murdoch). "I will not let it go to my head," her butler reported

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Eric Pickles paid tribute this week to the Barnet bloggers, a group of activists who uncovered a £1.3m audit scandal at their local council. In this guest contribution, one of those bloggers, Theresa Musgrove, who writes at the Broken Barnet website under the name Mrs Angry, discusses how "armchair auditors" can hold local authorities to account.
"A symbiotic relationship with your local press is advantageous. Initial rivalry between bloggers and journalists in Barnet has developed into a friendly and mutually beneficial relationship: they pinch our stories - and sometimes we pinch theirs.

"Finally, to be a successful armchair auditor, perhaps the most important quality to have is an instinct for misinformation, and a deep seated suspicion of the way in which local authorities operate. Always assume the worst: you will almost always be right."

Mrs Angry's symbiotic relationship with Richard Cornelius,
caretaker Leader of Barnet Council
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  1. just to confirm that I have been offered the editor job on the Sunday Sun, and will be thinking it over this weekend. Rebekah Wade/Brooks is applying for the post of Mrs Angry, should it become vacant.