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The Guardian: "Planning reform will lead to development 'free-for-all' "

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"A planning free-for-all, leading to blighted landscapes, urban sprawl, more congestion, and an undermining of local democracy is inevitable, if the government insists on pushing ahead with proposals for new rules, say the UK's leading conservation, heritage and green groups.

"Greg Clark, planning minister, vigorously defended the proposed reforms, saying communities could draw up their own plans about where development should take place, and would be strengthened rather than weakened by the changes. He said:
"The reaction of these groups has been unfocused and misconceived. Decisions on development will be made by local communities. Their plans will be sovereign. This puts more power into the hands of local people, not less.

"I believe we will see a different type of development. Rather than huge, banal ones imposed from above [now where might that be?] you will have more sensitive location of homes designed to higher standards. We will move from types of mediocre development that have been resisted by communities, to developments that are more accountable." [Hurrah!]

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