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Barnet Council Plans New Civic Offices and Council Chamber

"Since its formation in April 1965, Barnet London Borough Council has been considering a new Civic Administration Centre, in order that the Council's work can be streamlined, and an even more efficient service be proved to the public it serves.

"In addition, it is hoped that the new centre will prove an added attraction to the Borough.

"Several proposals have been put forward to the appropriate Chief Officers of the Council, and these form the basis for further study. The site chosen is on land at Regents Park Road, near its junction with East End Road, and is virtually in the centre of the more populated area of the London Borough."

(February 1971)

"Further Details Announced"

"Further details about the proposed new civic administration centre for the borough have been announced by Barnet London Borough Council.

"A dominant feature of the complex is the Civic Suite, as illustrated in the picture.

"A large area to the north of the site [on the left] could be laid out for the benefit and use of the public, and it is proposed that there should be walkways through to the Avenue House grounds by forming openings in the main building, and pedestrian bridges where necessary over the service road.

"The brief approved by the Council was to provide a building which will satisfy the needs of the public, members and officers, allowing for present and future organisation patterns."

(December 1972)

The present-day location
(looking north towards Finchley Central station)
(Main material courtesy of
Local Studies Centre, Hendon Library)

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