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[Reposted] "This is Finchley! Change for Mill Hill East, The Hale, and Edgware!"

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"... By the outbreak of war in 1939, work to integrate the Finchley-to-Edgware line into the Northern Line was progressing well. 

"A second track, complete with conductor rail, had been laid as far as Mill Hill (The Hale) and a second platform had been built there. Lineside cabling had also been installed, and sub-stations built at Edgware and at Page Street (between Mill Hill and The Hale).

"At Edgware, a plate girder bridge was built to carry northbound traffic over the Northern line, and on towards Bushey Heath. The Northern Line station at Edgware had been remodelled to accommodate the additional service with new platforms partly built and a new signal box completed..."

Link to 'Disused Stations' on The Hale

"Shortly after the introduction of the rail-motor service in 1906, a halt was opened at The Hale for Mill Hill on 11 June 1906, in an attempt to attract more passenger revenue. 

"The halt, which consisted of a timber platform on the up side of the line, was sited close to the Midland Railway's Mill Hill (Mill Hill Broadway from 1950) to allow easy interchange between the two lines."

Link to 'Disused Stations' on Edgware

"Edgware was built as a through station, on the assumption that the line would be extended to Watford as planned. The extension was, however, never built. The line would have encroached into LNWR [=Euston line] territory, which could have led to animosity between the LNWR and the GNR [=Kings Cross].

"The GNR were also unsure whether the line was financially viable. As a result, the scheme was dropped, and officially abandoned by an Act of 1870."

The Finchley Line: The Movie

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