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Angle-French Hammerson, and the Future of Europe

"In his new book, The Re-emergence of Europe, World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab examines the events that have led to Europe’s current challenging political and financial climate.

"By looking at potential solutions through social, political and economic lenses, the book suggests likely outcomes to what Europe will look like in the future.

"Drawing on a career spanning five decades of change in European and world affairs, Professor Schwab looks beyond the short-term to consider the long-term implications that global trends and challenges will have on the region. How can Europe remain true to its social democratic traditions and yet return to the top of global competitiveness? How can it best make use of its human capital to become a leader again in innovation and sustainability?

"The Re-emergence of Europe acknowledges that Europe is not through the pain barrier yet and that greater integration and structural reform must be undertaken. The challenge for Europe’s leaders, he sees, is to present a vision that is bold yet inclusive, that takes account of younger people’s aspirations and leaves no one behind.

"Optimistic that this can be achieved, he believes Europe [and Hammerson?] 'will even surprise us positively' again.

The Re-emergence of Europe

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