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Unlike 'HOBBIT-HOMES' at Brent Cross [(c) 'Federation of Residents Associations of Barnet', not (c) Brian Coleman]...

"Park Hill: Eight-year renovation aiming at broad social mix transforms despised flats in Sheffield"

Link to The Guardian

"Renovation was handed to a private developer, Urban Splash. Now, after a tortuous eight-year project, during which the need to make the crumbling site more liveable repeatedly clashed with the conservation concerns of English Heritage, the first few dozen occupants of the renovated blocks are about to move in.

"... Charlie Johnson, a 22-year-old medical student, one set of exams from becoming a junior doctor, will move into a three-bedroom flat, financing the mortgage with rent from friends. He said: 
"I looked at a lot of modern flats, and they all seemed very boxy, almost like slightly posher student halls. This is different – it's spacious and well designed. It looks slightly strange with posh new flats right next to the others, but that's the sort of mix you get in all city centres."

Link to Urban Splash web site

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