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The Guardian: "Why Generation Rent doesn’t care about your precious green belt"

"Just concrete over it. We’d rather have the chance to get off the renting treadmill than the chance to occasionally eat a blackberry"

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"Young people – those vile young people, with their club nights and their enthusiasm, with their tight jeans and their wickedness – young people are significantly less likely to care about England's green belt than the over-55s, a survey from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) found this week.

You have to wonder, with no little pity, what Ipsos Mori surveyors do when faced with such a crashingly obvious question. 'Do you, a young person, care about the countryside?' The answer is no. 'Do you, an over-55, care about the countryside?' The answer is yes. Only a thousand more doors to knock on before the survey is done and you can drive home. Only a few hundred more days before death.

Anyway, the CPRE poll found that 53% of over-55s were very pro-retention of the green belt, whereas only 31% of 35- to 44-year-olds were certain it was worth keeping. Private renters were a third less likely than homeowners to feel strongly about saving the nice ring of fields around seven of the UK's major cities."

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