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Daily Telegraph: "We need to safeguard London's playing fields or suffer the consequences"

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"Those of us concerned about how the National Planning Policy Framework (which is out for consultation until October 17) will impact upon green open spaces of the National Planning Policy Framework have good reason to be thankful for The Telegraph’s Hands Off Our Land Campaign. The document’s presumption in favour of 'sustainable development' and ensuring there is 'enough land for growth' will set alarm bells ringing for supporters of community sports.

"London is already at a disadvantage, with 16 per cent of the country’s population being served by only 8 per cent of its playing fields, and the Government’s target of delivering two million new homes by 2016 will inevitably put enormous pressure on existing open space.

"The London Playing Fields Foundation, one of the country’s oldest sporting charities, has spent the over 120 years actively fighting the cause for playing fields. Those whose lives have been enriched by sport would recognise the importance of having accessible, affordable and attractive facilities, and the contribution they make in tackling two of the biggest threats to London life, namely poor public health and disorder on the streets."

London Playing Fields Foundation
73 Collier Street, London, London N1 9BE  Tel. 0845 026 2292

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