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Sky News: "Economy And Europe 'Cast Shadow' At Conference"

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"Where's your growth plan?" I shouted at the Prime Minister outside the Midland Hotel in Manchester, in that annoying way that we political correspondents do. 

"He ignored me, naturally, and hurried inside, grasping the hand of his wife Samantha. But his answer to those Tory MPs like Andrew Tyrie who claim he lacks a 'coherent and credible' growth plan is a two-point housing initiative. 

"PM Vows To 'Fire Up Economy' Amid Protests" 

Link to second Sky News report

"David Cameron has arrived at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, as he promises to 'fire up' the engines of the economy. One scheme the Conservatives hope will kick-start the economy, and in particular the housing market, is a 'build now, pay later' plan for homebuilders. 

The Tories will also propose to build a new council house for every one sold to a tenant. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles told Sky News:
"It would be 'one for one' in the local authority, with no averaging out. Of course, we've also just announced another scheme, which is 'build now, pay later'."

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