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[Reposted from 2011] Localis

"Localis commitment to decentralisation crosses party boundaries"
Prof George Jones, LSE

"Localis is now firmly in the think tank Premiership"
Paul Carter Leader, Kent CC

"I would recommend any organisation with an interest in localism to join Localis"
Emma Cariaga, Development Director, Land Securities

"Localis consistently offers fresh insight for councils to maximise the opportunities given to them"
Richard Kemp, Liverpool CC

"Localis has an excellent reputation for pushing the boundaries of localism"
Rt. Hon. Oliver Letwin MP, Minister for Policy

"Localis are out in front, pioneering the policies that will change our nation for the better"
Rt. Hon. Greg Clark MP, Minister, DCLG

"Localis is a driving force for change within the localist agenda"
Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State, DCLG

"Regeneration in a time of Austerity"
Discussion note from Localis workshops with Cheshire West & Chester Council on 24 March 2011, and the Barnet London Borough Council on 11 November 2011
"The Government’s simultaneous public spending cuts and emphasis on local autonomy, particularly with regards to financial capabilities, have created a new paradigm for regeneration. There has been a significant level of policy change since the last election, including wholesale reform of the planning system and upcoming changes to local government finance, putting the emphasis firmly on growth."
"... Despite some deprivation in the south of the Borough, Barnet is relatively affluent, with positive growth prospects. The Borough plans to build 7,000 new homes by 2016, and is currently refreshing current growth agenda documents to further specify their developmental framework.

"One of the on-going regeneration projects is the Brent Cross shopping centre, which it is projected to start in 2012. The development will provide approximately 20,000 new jobs, as well as several thousand new homes.

"Aiming to stimulate more transit-oriented development, there will be a new northern line station at Brent Cross. This will also hopefully reduce the amount of car use in the Borough, an important factor in successful regeneration efforts, as low car use levels have the ability to foster foot traffic and vibrant city centres. It will also help to solve the lack of available parking within the shopping centre.

"The A5 corridor is another possible location for transit-oriented development as proximity to the motorway provides the potential for increased access to once remote areas."
... ...
"... In Barnet, the panel highlighted the opportunity of converting publicly owned assets into capital funding.

"In a recent report on financing infrastructure, Localis has argued that mechanisms such as local asset backed vehicles (LABVs) are a feasible mechanism for sharing risk and reward with the private sector, and incentivising investment."
"... In Barnet, the panel commented that whilst the recent abolition of RSSs (Regional Spatial Strategies) allows greater freedom when planning regeneration projects, the assessment stages that have replaced the RSSs are still restrictive.

"The panel in Barnet also noted that whilst allowing TIF (Tax Increment Funding) for local regeneration from April 2012 is a positive step, tight Treasury controls such as caps on borrowing and final Treasury sign-offs could make attaining adequate funding difficult."
"...In Barnet, the panel noted that whilst the recent abolition of RSSs allows greater flexibility when planning regeneration, care must be taken to avoid causing tension in communities. regarding neighbourhood and housing planning, which would put a strain on growth."

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