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Planning Resource: "Election 2015: The Conservatives' key manifesto pledges on planning"

"Changes to the law to give local people the 'final say' on wind farm applications and support for brownfield development will be key policies for the incoming Conservative administration."

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"Following last night’s shock election victory for the party it is now set to form the next government.

"... The manifesto ... said that a Conservative government would 'ensure local people have more control over planning and protect the green belt' and would 'support locally-led garden cities and towns in places where communities want them, such as Ebbsfleet and Bicester'.

"It added that 'when new homes are granted planning permission, we will make sure local communities know up-front that necessary infrastructure such as schools and roads will be provided'.

"The manifesto also pledged to protect the green belt. It said that brownfield land would be used 'as much as possible' and local authorities would be required to have 'a register of what is available' and ensure that '90 per cent of brownfield sites have planning permission for housing by 2020'.

"The manifesto also confirmed the creation of a new London Land Commission 'with a mandate to identify and release all surplus brownfield land owned by the public sector' and said that Housing Zones would create 95,000 new homes."

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