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'Association of Town Centre Management': A Manifesto

Link to animated manifesto

"ATCM (web site) works with all those interested in promoting the vitality and viability of town and city centres, in the UK and further afield, and we have four principal areas of work.."

"We work with our members in making places better. Our focus is on district, town and city centres but improvements in these can cumulatively contribute to making urban areas, regions and indeed nations better places."
"We work with our partners to develop the people who work in all aspects of town centre management or BID development to ensure they have the wide range of knowledge and skills to do a great job."
"We work with stakeholders to create effective partnerships that are accountable and sustainable and are able to make change happen. This includes town and city centre management and Business Improvement Districts (BID)."
"We liaise with governments and other bodies to ensure a positive policy framework for town and city centres in planning, transport, housing, policing and security, tourism, investment, competition, taxation and funding."

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