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The Guardian: "Regenerating London: the good city"

"Improving the capital in an age of population growth, housing market failure, and government cuts means putting hard-pressed locals first, and making the best use of what a neighbourhood already has"

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"... London's boroughs and its mayor - sadly, it will have to be some future mayor - could do worse than pause and reflect on the way regeneration in London has come to be pursued and defined. Ensuring that bigger is also better must include fixing its social problems, not just moving them around. Potential long-term employment gains from redevelopment need to be properly measured against the loss of existing businesses.

"Many believe that the accommodation problems of those many who will never qualify for social housing can be far better pursued if more political will was directed towards building on vacant public land that doesn't already contain housing, expanding and reforming the private rented sector, and exerting existing powers to see neglected plots developed and bring empty homes back into use. 

"And property developers aren't always a destructive influence. Goliath has his strengths, he just shouldn't be given the run of the place."

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