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"Earls Court: Eric Pickles bulldozes 'big society'"

"The government's backing for a controversial west London redevelopment scheme confirms the weakness of its commitment to localism"

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"Any tattered vestige of hope that David Cameron's promise to build a 'big society' was something more than a tissue of spin can be fed to the shredder following last week's decision by his communities secretary Eric Pickles to approve Tory borough Hammersmith and Fulham's desire to sell off land containing 760 homes to property developer Capital and Counties (Capco) for demolition.

"The vast majority of the community living in those homes do not wish them destroyed. Their elected representatives want to take ownership of the two estates that the homes form and run them through a community-led housing association under powers that, more than two years ago, Pickles's department said it would provide, but has so far failed to.

"Cameron now looks more like the premier for belittling society, and Pickles the minister for bulldozing communities."

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