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Estates Gazette: "Skyscrapers: The A-to-Z"

The new Brent Cross Cinema?
Link to find out

"Jan Klerks, director of the Dutch Council on Tall Buildings, who set up the website was kind enough to share some thoughts regarding his idea and aims. He revealed that he has over 100 new words to add, and is constantly thinking about neologisms appropriate for new types of development/architecture, including many to describe London buildings.

"I don't want to give too much away, so keep checking back, but they include skyscrapers with features like those at Tower 42, The Shard, The Cheesegrater and The Gherkin. Personally, I'd like a term for those with gardens, such as The Walkie Talkie.

"Everyone has their own opinion on skyscrapers, and the benefits or otherwise which they bring to skylines. Jan says:
"The most important reasons to build skyscrapers, especially really tall ones, is just because of the fun involved."
"The need for high density in cities also supports the idea that the future is going to be vertical, and this is sure to affect the commercial sector as well as the residential one."

Link to Estates Gazette video (among other issues).

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