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"Is the government planning to cut funding to bicycle infrastructure before it's even started funding anything in the first place?" (Let's ask Boris the Oberb├╝rgermeister!)

Link to Cycling in the City

"Germany's main TV station came to London last week and devoted a whole section of its main daily news programme to cycling in London. What was the title of this TV feature? The ARD television people looked at how London's cyclists get to work and called it 'transport chaos in London'. Kind of says it all, really, doesn't it?

"Unsurprisingly, the news clip is in German. But I think it's worth watching, just to see the video selections that ARD chooses. And what I think is really interesting are the themes that the German TV crew pick out as being interesting about London. I've tried to summarise those points below, because I think it's really informative to have a look at what London looks like from the outside. 

"Bear in mind that Germany, although not nirvana for cycling, is literally decades ahead of the UK on this stuff. The German government is hosting its national cycling summit this week. Can you imagine the UK government hosting a cycling summit?"

"As London announces its own massive investment
in cycling, Berlin takes things even further, and
aims for 20% of all journeys by bike by 2025.

"Oh, and a riposte to Eric Pickles MP, who thinks
'cyclists' wear 'rubber knickers'."

"City of London agrees a strategy at Bank junction
that could see Lombard & Threadneedle Streets
closed to motor vehicles.

"The Square Mile shows it's prepared to pull its finger out
for pedestrians, and for people on bikes, and
(at last!) acknowledges road narrowing schemes
are bad news for safe cycling."

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