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The Guardian: "Ultra Tory housing policy aims to push poor people out of Barnet"

"Barnet council’s latest wheeze is to raise money from its poorest residents in order to build homes that the poor could not afford to rent, and which it would anyway have to sell off under Tory right-to-buy plans."

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"The prosperous London borough of Barnet has won a reputation as a beacon of municipal small-statism in recent years. Policies such as outsourcing almost all council services have illustrated its resolute, if slightly swivel-eyed, dedication to providing a test-bed for a kind of surburban ultra-Toryism.

"Controversy has dogged the project – one of its political architects did not survive the revolution and subsequently denounced it as 'fundamentally un-Conservative' – but that has not dimmed Barnet’s ideological fervour. Indeed, its latest proposals show it to be as uncompromising as ever.

"Barnet's revolutionary vanguard has turned its attention to housing. To address what is from any perspective a spectacular local crisis of explosive demand, soaring rents and unaffordable prices, it has decided to allow thousands more homes to be built. Many councils face this problem, but Barnet's radical draft strategy shows what an extreme Tory approach looks like."

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