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Transportation Alternatives: "Arterial Reconstruction Campaign"

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"Arterial streets were designed as urban highways, with little consideration for the needs of people on foot, bicycle, or accessing public transportation. Now, thousands of miles of these streets serve as urban speedways that are dangerous for everyone, especially those not driving cars.

"For pedestrians, arterials are intimidating and dangerous to cross; as such they often divide communities and act as psychological barriers to accessing local amenities. Arterials are the site of most traffic fatalities, even though arterial streets make up only 15 percent of the road network. Per mile, arterial streets are 8.5 times more deadly for pedestrians than non-arterials.

"In general, New Yorkers who walk or bike are most at risk. Additionally, the burden of traffic violence is disproportionately felt by low-income communities, children, and the elderly. Many of the poorest neighborhoods in the city have higher crash densities than the richest neighborhoods; meanwhile, being struck by an automobile is the leading cause of injury-related death for children in New York City, and the second-leading cause for elders."

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