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The Londonist: "Hendon Is The Perfect Metaphor For The Whole London Election"

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"With just over two weeks to go until the general election on 7 May, we’re taking a look at London’s second closest marginal seat in the upcoming political battle. The issues faced by the constituency are representative of some of London’s wider problems — regeneration, loss of social housing, along with outsourcing and cutbacks to the Conservative council’s services.

"Having won Hendon by just 106 votes in 2010, the Conservatives are looking increasingly likely to lose it back to its previous Labour occupant, Andrew Dismore. And if that's not a nice metaphor for the election as a whole, we don’t know what is.

"So who are the candidates for Hendon? The Conservative incumbent Matthew Offord plans to defend his seat from the aforementioned Andrew Dismore, while UKIP candidate, Jeremy Zeid, was replaced in March by Raymond Shamash after Zeid posted on Facebook that Israel should 'kidnap' US President Barack Obama (as you do). The Green Party’s Ben Samuel and Liberal Democrat Alasdair Hill have posted their own short videos, pitching their candidacies to the constituents."

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