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BBC: "What makes estates 'brutal'?"

"David Cameron has announced plans to tackle social problems through bulldozing a number of Britain's housing estates, saying they are 'entrenching poverty', and that the 'brutal high-rise towers and dark alleyways' are a 'gift to criminals and drug dealers'. So does the design of estates cause crime?"

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"... Rather than focusing on individual features, there's a more fundamental approach that makes for a happy estate.

" 'A lot of these post-war estates were built without community engagement in the development of the plans, and what's important in terms of getting it right next time is that we actually work with the people who live there to design estates to be places where people want to live,' says Fisher.

"Carron agrees that giving residents a say is absolutely fundamental:
"Consultation needs to happen with the people who live on these estates. You need to ask them what's wrong with where they're living. Don't go in and think you can just bulldoze it down."

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