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Broken Barnet: "The Last Betrayal, or - the breaking of West Hendon, and the making of a latter day myth: 'sink estates' ... "

(West Hendon shares its 2005 LB of Barnet 'Supplementary Planning Guidance' with Brent Cross Cricklewood.)

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"I've lost count, now, of the number of posts I've written about West Hendon, and the eviction of a community from the place they call home, down there, by the waterfront, on the edge of the Welsh Harp.

"The residents of West Hendon call it home: or they did, but the local Tory councillors see the place where they live as not a community, but a business opportunity, and under the pretext of 'regeneration', and despite a promise to residents of a better housing on the same site, handed the publicly-owned land to Barratt London for a private, luxury high-rise property development.

"The land was worth £12 million, but was given to developers for £3, so as to allow them to maximise profits on their investment, conservatively estimated last year at a mere £92 million."

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