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Evening Standard: "A ray of hope for those of us who despair of London’s glass towers"

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"Populism, aka Trumpism, is on the march everywhere. In an unpublicised decision, the High Court in London last week upheld a recent referendum in St Ives in which 83 per cent voted in favour of a ban on non-residents buying new-build properties in the Cornish town.

"This could signal an earthquake. Keep away outsiders, cries St Ives. Goodbye second homers. Get lost Chinese investors. Build that wall!

This week a world cities congress is being held in London by the International Network for Traditional Building Architecture and Urbanism. It will  debate such topics as the urban environment and sustainable communities. I am delighted to see it is giving a prize to London's Mount Pleasant promoters, as an alternative to the new 'slab-rise' Clerkenwell backed by Boris Johnson.

"It is a test of Sadiq Khan if he has the guts to back it. But where does the congress stand on St Ives, and on its desire to exit the global property market? This is the question of today — hard Stexit or soft Stexit?"

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