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Mrs Angry's Broken Barnet: "A Mid-Course Correction, or: Communicating the Journey We Are On - the Barnet Crapita contract, and a three-year 'review'"

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"Arriving in the committee room on Tuesday night, before the Performance & Contract Monitoring meeting, Mrs Angry noted that senior officers from Crapita had already staked out their territory in what is supposed to be the public gallery, seating themselves in carefully chosen places, manspreading on a corporate scale - and watching one of the Labour councillors filling up a bottle of water from the now-you-see-it, now-you-don't, water cooler. 

"Now-you-see-it, now-you-don't, because - yes, you guessed it, Crapita removed the water from the public gallery, not so long ago. Why? Because it was free, and there must be no such things as a free glass of water, in Capitaville. Mrs Angry protested, and it was returned, eventually. But she warned the councillor she was being watched by the men from Crapita, and should probably expect an invoice, any day now. For the water, the cost of sending an invoice, and a gainshare payment for issuing an invoice. Kerrching.

"The Chair of the committee came in and asked Mrs Angry where fellow blogger Mr Reasonable was, clearly hoping he wouldn't turn up, follow up his awkward questions, or speak to the committee. Here was Mrs Angry's own opportunity for profit: Please tell me, she begged, how you have come to the conclusion, as expressed in the local paper, and by your acceptance of these reports, that the Crapita contracts are ... 'a success'?"

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