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"Hammerson working with local communities, and understanding their needs" (Stay away then)

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"On February 22nd 2011, LSx London Sustainability Exchange hosted: 
'The Big Society: Making a return on community investment'
at the Wallace Space, London.

"Speakers at the event included:
  • Lord Wei, the Government Advisor on the Big Society, 
  • Jamie Walls, the Vice President of Communications for Shell, 
  • Gail Findlay, the Well London Co-ordinator, London Health Commission, 
  • Samantha Heath, the CEO of LSx, and 
  • Mark Harrod, the Advocacy Director for Central YMCA
"Some of the questions delegates were asked included:
  1. What does the Big Society mean to you,
  2. What was the most useful part of the event for you, and 
  3. Are you going to do anything different after today? 
"WinkBall Citizen Video Reporters Ralph, George, Alice and Stefan were at the event, to pose these questions to people attending."

"Michelle Dawson the Community Manager for Hammerson PLC, is also a board member of LSx, and is very interested in Lord Wei's speech on the Big society."

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