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The Guardian: "Don't let nimbys pull up the housing ladder"

Link to The Guardian (15 September)

"Writing in the Sunday Times recently, Dominic Lawson had the honesty to express the truth behind a lot of the opposition to the current proposed planning changes: most of us are nimbys at heart. We want to solve the housing crisis in principle, but as soon as it means building in our neck of the woods our self-interest kicks in, and we start reaching for green arguments as a cover for the truer, but less altruistic ones.

"No planning reform, however smart or sensitive, will overcome this contradiction in what we want from the system – or our hypocrisy, as Lawson is brave enough to call it. And while the current proposals may not be perfect, their introduction signals a welcome commitment by the government to see more housing built – and yes, even in your backyard."

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