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BBC: "Thousands parade for City of London Lord Mayor's Show" (Michael Bear's on his bike back to Finchley)

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"More than 6,000 people have paraded on the streets of central London as part of the Lord Mayor's Show.

"Minor alterations were made to the route because of the ongoing anti-capitalist Occupy London Stock Exchange (OLSX) protest outside St Paul's Cathedral. The new Lord Mayor was blessed in a different area of the central London cathedral's grounds, away from the OLSX protesters.

"An alternative event, billed as the Festival for the People, was organised by OLSX protesters with speakers including Professor David Harvey of City University New York and John McDonnell MP. As part of the event, the Rt Rev Michael Colclough, canon in residence at St Paul's Cathedral, joined the protesters in prayer after blessing new Lord Mayor Alderman David Wootton." 

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