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'Professional Housebuilder & Property Developer' magazine: Eric Pickles and weighty matters

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(this article is in the Nov/Dec 2011 issue, now on sale)

"In mid-September, Secretary of State Eric Pickles gave a presentation entitled: 'Homes to be Proud of'. The Minister declared: 
"This Government came to office with a wholly new approach. ...

"Planning needs to be positive. It needs to help, and seek out, and deliver responsible, careful development that the country needs. Properly planned development is a benefit, not a burden. ...

"Localism is here to stay. No developer can rely on strong-arming. ... The best already know that if they work with people, if they work with communities and get into proper partnerships, they will build something that everyone will be proud of. If you are able to listen to local communities, you'll give them what they want, and they're more likely to say yes.

"Whereas, if you are as greedy, blinkered, arrogant, and dysfunctional as Hammerson, then..." [Oh, all right, we make this bit up.]

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