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Hammerson's PR Manager Catrin Morgan avoids the word "delighted" in praising Consense for 'Eastgate Quarters'. Plus a Leeds Fly-Through (unlike the rudderless, wingless, hapless Brent Cross plane)

"We wanted to provide an interactive way for people to see the new plans and engage in the consultation process." [As opposed to: "We will arrogantly impose plans at Brent Cross, thanks to the secretive arrangement we have with dysfunctional Barnet Council (1)(2)(3)(4)(5). And consultation? Bah!"] 

"Consense’s system is an excellent tool for managing the process and we’re keen to use Open Debate for future schemes too." [You are almost 'delighted', aren't you, Catrin?]

Link to Hammerson's Eastgate Quarters web site

Consense adds:
"Hammerson received planning consent in July 2011 for the redevelopment of Eastgate Quarters in Leeds from a brownfield site to a major shopping centre that will lift Leeds in the retail rankings.

"Hammerson adopted our Open Debate system to facilitate community consultation online, inviting website visitors to view the plans (including a CGI fly-through) and register to receive email updates, submit any questions or comments and complete a questionnaire. The website also features a discussion wall for users to post comments and questions for Hammerson to respond to.

"The online consultation launched in September 2010 and saw 243 register to take part, with 91% of those who completed a questionnaire pledging their support for the scheme.

"The Open Debate system records the feedback from visitors for Hammerson to manage and report on via a secure admin area. The admin area can also be used to manage the website content and the discussion wall."

055 - Eastgate Quarters Leeds from acme on Vimeo.

Punctuation Alert!
Punctuation Alert!
Hammerson's 'Discussion Wall' has absolutely no separation into paragraphs. Not in the questions. Not in Hammerson's answers.
Punctuation Alert!
Punctuation Alert!

Link to 'Discussion Wall'

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