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Daily Telegraph: "A short-term planning fix is a long-term blight" (Could have been written about Hammerson!)

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"As politicians desperately search for escape routes out of the current economic crisis, the lure of the quick fix becomes ever more attractive than the need for sustainable long-term solutions. This threatens long-held achievements, such as the protection of our countryside. How easy it would be for the Government to publish the final version of its draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) more or less unaltered, using the current crisis as a smokescreen.

"... Take Freiburg, in Germany, too – famous for how it is organised around the needs of its densely accommodated population, for energy, transport and jobs. Trams and bikeways take people to work, while half of the city’s energy is generated from solar panels and waste processors. Surely, this offers us a model for the future of our own towns and cities."

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