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Daily Telegraph: "Housebuilding boom 'would tip Britain back into crisis'"

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"A state-backed housebuilding boom would not deliver the sought-after economic recovery, a leading consultancy has warned, but cause prices to crash and tip Britain's banks back into crisis.

"Policymakers are believed to be preparing plans for a major publicly-funded housebuilding programme to kick-start growth at the same time as addressing the perceived housing shortage. Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, has indicated plans are afoot, and an increasing number of economists have endorsed the idea.

"According to Fathom Consulting, however, the plan 'could have exactly the opposite effect from the one desired' – causing prices to fall by as much as 30pc, forcing banks to take large losses, and triggering a new credit crunch."

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On the other hand, by the same author,
"Interest rates may rise to 8pc within two years to choke off soaring inflation, according to radical new research."
(written in August 2010)

Don't know your
debts from your deficits?
"You're not alone: Public, MPs and even headline writers are confused"
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