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Weekend 22-23 Sep: "London 2012 Olympics: Open House barge tours to show evolution of Olympic Park"

Link to Evening Standard

"The £9 billion regeneration of east London for the Olympics will be a highlight of this year’s Open House architecture weekend.

"Organisers expect huge interest in guided walks and barge tours of the area around the Olympic Park, looking at how the once-derelict site was redeveloped."

"What the world thinks of London 2012"
Link to The Independent

"... Doug Saunders at Canada’s Globe and Mail is a big TFL fan, who thinks we should get over our collective low self-esteem (not searching for affirmation in Canadian newspapers might be a start):
“Public transport, after a disastrous postwar nationalization followed by a catastrophic 1980s privatization, is finally working well … As one of their prime ministers once said during a much more painful era, they’ve never had it so good.”

"Wayne Scanlan from the Vancouver Sun is also concerned we’re not enjoying ourselves enough:
“Another Canadian reporter asked a soldier at a security check, ‘Are you having fun, yet?’

‘So I’m told, sir,’ he said. ‘So I’m told.’"

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